Emerging Artists


Exhibitions: On the Road

On the Road

Bert Teunissen

20 Nov 2008 - 10 Jan 2009

opening: 20 Nov 2008 - 6-8pm - 547 west 27th street (5 floor) - New York

Itís raining on the photo. One can virtually hear the squeaking of the window-wipers on the windshield. Through the raindrop-covered windshield, the road rolls away before your eyes. In your mind you can hear the sound of the wet tires on the tarmac.
Op the next photo, itís snowing. The road is still reasonably clean, but the pine trees beside the road already bear a thin covering of snow. The atmosphere of the photo is immediately far lighter than the previous. The low hanging clouds hide the snow that has yet to fall.
Elsewhere, we are treated on a marvelous sun behind a low-slung mist transforming the landscape into a surreal scene. Sometimes you are afraid of following the road ahead, for example the road which winds into the rough mountains, without the slightest hint of humanity ahead. But there is no choice; the road plays a leading part because the artist has a mission; covering the road ahead that leads to the goal in the distance. Whether the road is accessible or not, whether it takes us through sun or rain; it needs to be travelled upon.

The image of the road always starts at the bottom of the photo, where the driver Ėand photographer- is seated. Here, the road is at its widest and covers the complete width of the photo. As our eyes move up, the road grows smaller and we see more of the surrounding landscape. One expects vast and impressive landscapes to surround the road, but we catch only a glimpse of them on the photo. As said before, the road plays the starring role in this series. We see a fleeting image of woodland and mountains, plains and landscapes riddled with long low shadows.
Another constant in the series is the weather. The weather is an important factor for any traveler. Road and weather work together as a team. The traveler himself the opponent. By looking at the surface of the road, you immediately see what the weather is like. Whether or not the firmament above reflects from it. Sometimes it is a dreary day that makes the sky grey and even, nearly completely obscuring the landscape. Next thing you know: the sun is shining or we are on the verge of driving into a thick layer of fog.